written 9-23-2006

by D.J. Love, minister, TSN, SBC

Pagan: Interesting word "Pagan." It seems that those who have the power make the rules. Now power or might certainly doesn't make right! So, could it be that the haughty, who point the finger first, are doing so to transfer suspicion from themselves onto the humble and the meek of the Earth. Surely a humble and meek follower of Messiah would never take a position of power prior to "The Second Coming" and the re-establishment of YHWH's Kingdom on Earth; And why would they when YHWH's "Chosen" are sojourners in a foreign land called Earth? . . . . . .This is not our Kingdom . . . "Yet !"

So, are those accusers of "
The Brethren" who have "The Power" of "Government," and-or "The Power" of "Religion" at their disposal the "True Pagans?"

Absolutely, Yes !

It is only, because the Universal
(catholic) Roman Church-State coined so many words first, that we have to come up with our own word (which will probably never be put into a Christian dictionary), that accurately describes their true nature, and also, reveals them for the deceivers that they really are. And that defining word without the deceptions is "Christopagan." So, for the purpose of this study, "Pagan," "Christopagan," "Idolator," "Covenant Breaker," and all of those haughty people, who look down on "The Truly Humble" from their positions as "Pillars of Society," and who keep religious traditions established by "Ancient Pagans;" that really do fit the "Christopagan" definition of "Pagan." This message is about you !

It seems rather haughty and hypocritical to have defined a "
Pagan" as a Non-Christian, then later in history change that definition to anyone who is a Non-Christian, Muslim or Jew. And then after having re-defined "Pagan" as such, ADOPT PAGAN CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS into your "So Called" Faith(s).

Where is the "Line of Demarcation?" . . . There is none !

All that is required for anyone to discover if they are a "
Practicing Pagan" (regardless of the definition) is to see if you or your religion has adopted "Ancient Pagan Customs," such as "The Saturnalia" (Christmas), "Easter" (Ishtar), etc.

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