Photo 17

Mithros dipicted as being inside the inner universe. Note the similarity between this inner universe concept and a cave or an egg.


The Tauroctony . . . Mithros killing the sacrificial bull in his temple within a cave. Could there be a connection between the bull of the TAURoctony (Taurus) and astrology? Could the Scorpian beneath the bull represent the astrological sign of Cancer? What about the two twins ? Gemini?



Here we see Mithros crawling out of the internal universe of the first and second heavens, and into the external universe of the third heaven. This was the ancient concept of being "Born Again" . Mythros was often symbolized as coming out of a rock that symbolized the inner universe as shown in the photo to the left. Similar to a chick hatching from an egg.

That the rock from which Mithras is born does indeed represent the cosmos is proven by the snake that entwines it: for this image evokes unmistakeably the famous Orphic myth of the snake-entwined "cosmic egg" out of which the universe was formed when the creator-god Phanes emerged from it at the beginning of time. Indeed, the Mithraists themselves explicitly identified Mithras with Phanes, as we know from an inscription found in Rome and from the iconography of a Mithraic monument located in England.

The birth of Mithras from the rock, therefore, would appear to represent the idea that he is in some sense greater than the cosmos. Capable of moving the entire universe, he cannot be contained within the cosmic sphere, and is therefore depicted in the rock-birth as bursting out of the enclosing cave of the inner universe, and establishing his presence in the transcendent space (third heaven) beyond the cosmos.

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