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Fertility goddesses: Nammu or Namma was the original ancient Mesopotamian goddess of the "Sea" and "Fertility." Nammu's identity was later taken over by Inanna "Queen of Heaven", and Inanna was later identified as Ishtar (Easter) and Astarte. The name "Ishtar" transliterated into "Easter", the goddess of sexual love and fertility. The Romans identified her with Venus. Here Nammu is depicted on this stone tablet as "The Moon Queen," which later was identified as Mary "The Queen of Heaven" and "Mother of God" (one of her many other titles).

What you are actually seeing depicted on this stone tablet is an ancient version of today's modern "Easter (Ishtar) Sunrise Service" at the top of a huge altar. Christians have been worshipping pagan gods and goddesses for thousands of years. However, "True Believers" or "Followers of Messiah Yahshua" do not.

Look carefully at the Rising Sun coming up between the points in the Crescent Moon . . . . . . . Just above Nammu's head. Next go to photo eight, and look at one of the original Madonnas, known as the "Queen of Heaven". The catholic church not only still calls Mary, "The Queen of Heaven", but many catholic churches have the very same name. As a matter of fact, photo nine is of a life sized statue of "Mary, The Queen of Heaven" located in a catholic church in California, USA.

By the way . . . ever notice while attending the christian church of your choice that the initials "IHS" will invaribly be found somewhere
(a banner, carved into a table, etc. . .) Well, "IHS" does NOT mean "In His Service." "IHS" is an ancient symbol for "Ihsous" (Jesus in Greek). The strange thing is that The True Messiah's name was Yahshua (notice "YAH" in his name), and the Hebrew name Yahshua is translated into Joshua in English (Not Jesus). So where did the "ISH" or "IHS" sound come from? Additionally, it was a common practice to add the "eus" or "ous" or "eous" SOUND ending (suffix) to the names of children by their pagan parents who wanted to dedicate their children to Zeus.

I tell you that phonetically there is no difference in "IHS", "ISH" or even the "ISE" sound when spoken by the ancients who used them. And there is zero true phonetic resemblance between Jesus and YahShua. NAMES are never translated
(except by deception), because NAMES or phonetically transliterated. Moreover, I tell you, that for the Greeks and Romans, a Jewish Messiah was completely unacceptable, and that they had to a compromise and use Greco-Roman god as the name of their anointed one (Greek word christos means annointed). This was the work of Jew hating Greco-Roman "Human Nature" at its finest.

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