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 This top symbol is a recreation of the banner or flag of the holy Roman empire. The bottom symbol has been slightly modified with a white square to reveal the swastika at its' center.

The swastika was adopted by Nazi Germany in 1935, but prior to that it was a pagan religious symbol. The crooked cross was originally used by pagans to represent their Sungod. This symbol was susposed to bring good luck.

Watch for my sermon that ties the unholy Roman empire, Nazi Germany, the False christian church in Rome, the image in Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar's dream (from the Book of Daniel), and Revelations together. You will see that the Mark of the Beast has already begun with the rebirth of the UNholy Roman empire along with its' pagan christian churches.

The Hindu Swastika

Second in importance only to the Hindu Om, the Swastika, a symbol which looks like the Nazi emblem, holds a great religious significance for the Hindus. Swastika is not a syllable or a letter, but a pictorial character in the shape of a cross with branches bent at right angles and facing in a clockwise direction. A must for all religious celebrations and festivals, Swastika symbolizes the eternal nature of the Brahman, for it points in all directions, thus representing the omnipresence of the Absolute.

Historians say the Swastika could have represented a real structure and that in ancient times forts were built for defense reasons in a shape closely resembling the Swastika. Perhaps for its protective power this shape began to be sanctified.

Notice the uncanny resemblance with the
holy Roman Cross.

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