Sun god Apollo

at the Vatican Museum

Photo 24

This statue is located inside the Vatican

Did I say Museum?

I meant 'Temple' . . . . As I said before, the UNholy Roman Empire and its' UNholy Universal (catholic) church, along with a multitude of protestant daughter churches are nothing more than pagan (Christopagan) congregations using feigned holy sounding semantics to conceal their true covert evil nature. But one only has to look beneath their long flowing robes to discover their pagan origins and political motives. Most professing catholics and protestants today are innocent of covert intentions of the churches they attend, but they are guilty of being 'Self-Centered', and Spiritually lazy. Therefore they place their faith and trust in satan's Christopagan churches. They go to mass or church meetings and drink in the false concept of easy salvation mixed with naturally pleasing pagan traditions like Xmas. They are totally unaware of the crisis that exist in their lives and that they are prisoners of a covert operation.

Overt control ... always has a finite life, because on the end there will be a challenge and rebellion against it.

Covert control ... can go on forever, because you don't rebel against something you don't know exists. A person who thinks he is free will not complain that he is not.

Apollo & Diana

These busts are for sale on the Internet.

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